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Richard Francis Bellin

The Great ‘Reset’ a time to embrace, adapt and evolve in all aspects of our lives.

The world shutting down has given a new sense of perspective, a new normal, a digital age thrust upon us.

During lockdown I contemplated my journey, my luminescence series artwork was shut down, locked away, glowing endlessly into the unknown.

So I sat back and meditated, blocked out the propaganda storm, studied the oil paintings of the masters and focused on my next path.

I rediscovered my love for oils, having used my handmade paints which were chalky, quick drying and unmalleable.

I found comfort working in the free flowing medium of oil paints with unlimited possibilities practising subtle blending and working wet into wet.

As we blindly follow the digital path I can only describe it as pixelated, whether we like it or not we are being consumed by technology.

My latest series of artwork is in reference to the digital age but at the same time paying homage to the past.

Artwork by Richard Fransic Bellin
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